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BATIS NG MAKILING Laguna,Philippines

A Paradise on Earth

Nestled at the foot of the majestic Mt. Makiling, near the historic town of Calamba,
is a paradise on earth known to men as the Batis ng Makiling. A heavenly resort with
adequate facilities, this is the ultimate place for rest and relaxation. It is a haven
for people who want to escape the usual hustle and bustle of the metropolis.
Strategically located on a peaceful setting, it provides an aura of calmness and
As one enters through the main gate, one will gaze upon the crystal clear waters of the
main pool. Equipped with a massive 15-foot slide, it is a place for those who want to
spend quality time with their family and meet other people as well. On the right side of
the main pool lies the Kiddie pools. With a maximum depth of 4 feet, this is the place
where children can have some fun and relax as well. For those who crave for privacy and
solitude, there are private pools at the back of the main pool.
For those who want to do something aside from swimming, there are a variety of
activities available. Volleyball, badminton and basketball courts can be found within
the resort. There is also a Billiards Hall for those who would want to play 9-ball and
other games. Moreover, there is also a Videoke for those who want to release their
tension through singing. There is also a Tilapia Fisshing Pond for those who would like
to try their knack on fishing. The place also has clean and adequate facilities. Shower
rooms and comfort rooms can be found in front of the private pool. Nipa huts and
cottages are scattered around the resort, and for those who wish to stay for the night,
airconditioned rooms are available.
Truly, the Batis ng Makiling is a heavenly locale. It is a place where one can find
peace, solitude, rest, relaxation, enjoyment and satisfaction. Moreover, it provides one
with the opportunity to commune with nature. God has truly blessed us for giving us the
chance to enjoy such a nice place. What more of an earthly paradise could one ask for?

The Members of Group 2!